Wednesday, April 16

More "Far East" than "Deep South"

...but impressive none the less. The more I watch Japanese TV, the more I realize why they are a world power. These people just don't give a sh*t. They certainly "ain't skeerd" as we say in this more civilized nation.

You think Jordan's foul line dunk was impressive? This little Asian dude dunks from like 25 feet out... and he doesn't even get a running start. Of course he does have a trampoline, but still...You'd break your face and pull a hammy getting on the damn thing.

At first, I was all, "No effin' way," but then, that little Asian did the unthinkable. I bet he cleans up with the gambling crowd...


Despite the dunk, my favorite Pacific Theater "sports" show still goes to Ninja Warrior. It falls under the category of "shows guys get to watch when their wife's in the shower or cleaning or otherwise not in the room."


  1. I'd have to throw in MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge). How can you not like the Captain with "Git it on!" ?

    Even though I like to cook (mainly because I like food so much), Iron Chef has gotten just downright stupid.

  2. I've been know to watch some Iron Chef America a.k.a. Food-Porn. However, it does lose a little something when the secret ingredient is "lentils" (i'm serious)

    I agree with you about MXC...i'm a big fan of Asians doing big, stupid, elaborate stunts.

  3. MXC and Ninja Warrior were constants in the TV room at the fraternity house, but never viewed at the girl friend's apartment for some reason. Strange...