Tuesday, August 12

Bama Fan of the Week - Ob-la-de, Ob-la-da!

Joey Barrett Jr.

Remember this stud?

On November 18th, 2005, the night before the annual Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama, Joey Barrett, Jr., a lifelong Alabama fan and now 25, went to a fraternity party at Auburn and yelled “Roll Tide!” A brawl then broke out, with Barrett stabbing one of the fraternity brothers.

The brother was hospitalized with a collapsed lung. Two others who were lucky enough not to get stabbed were also hospitalized.
Yeah, well somehow, almost three years later, Joey's still making his UAT brethren proud. As The Sporting Blog and al.com reported, not only is Joeseph a stabby, mixed marshal arts douchebag...He also bribes retarded people. [letting that thoroughly sink in] Quite the resume builder...

The defense attorney in the 2006 trial told jurors that Louie Holtz, now 40, of Mobile, would admit to get ting caught up in the fight and testify that it was he, not Barrett, who stabbed the fraternity brothers. The judge in the case, however, ordered Holtz to secure counsel, noting that Holtz had previously been declared mentally retarded.

Holtz's attorneys subsequently advised him not to testify.

Because the jurors had already heard that someone else was going to admit to the stabbings, however, the judge declared a mistrial. Abbett said investigation into the case continued after the trial, eventually revealing that Barrett had offered Holtz a car in exchange for taking the heat on the assault charges.

OK, this wasn't just incredibly, dreadfully god-awful, but it seems pretty feeble-minded to me. Can retarded folk even drive? It's kinda like trying to bribe me with free birth control pills or a Boeing 747. Not so fast, Tider!

Wonder what Corky thinks about this mess...

In related news, how amazing is it that the special dude's name is Lou Holtz?


  1. That big A could stand for Abysmal.

  2. This Cyberspace garbage dump of your rants is boorish.

    If you think that you're so witty, come up with your own content instead of stealing it from other websites.

    You are not funny.

    But what would be funny; would be the reaction from those that you're" borrowing" content from, who also hold copyright to this content that you so freely use without permission.

    Now that's a laugh.

  3. What would be even more so funnier than that is if he were to man up and say the same nonsense while standing toe-to-toe with the man.

    By the way, has it been confirmed that Joey actually yelled "Roll Tide", or did he yell "KKK Sucks" seeing how The Polytechnic Institute of Alabama is also famous for having fraternity students, not only host rodeos for their fellow Wire Road trailer trash neighbors, but also for dressing up as Klansmen on Halloween.