Thursday, August 7

Deep Thoughts

A thinking man's game

Who says College Football fans aren't high-functioning? This...This is downright philosophical.

When asked "why does the defense always seems to dominate the offense in the early days of fall camp?"...

"The goal of the defense is disruption, while the goal of offense is organization. It's just a whole helluva lot easier to create havoc than to prevent it."

- EtOHreb

That's just good internet. Well stated, sir. I think we, as college football fans, can apply this quote to all aspects of our lives. You're welcome.


  1. EtOHreb = Ethanol rebel ?


  2. This Cyberspace garbage dump of your rants is boorish.

    If you think that you're so witty, come up with your own content instead of stealing it from other websites.

    You are not funny.

    But what would be funny; would be the reaction from those that you're" borrowing" content from, who also hold copyright to this content that you so freely use without permission.

    Now that's a laugh.