Tuesday, August 12

Why Do People Talk Smack About Memphis?

My hometown always gets a bad rap. Here, watch some local news, and you'll see what nice, Christian families and Fortune 500 companies have grown to love about The Bluff City.

I've killed for less; Burr's expensive


  1. what did she say?!?! did she have any teeth?

  2. Who's knocking your old stomping grounds? Why, the wife and I just spent last Saturday night up there, including some spiciness at Automatic Slim's. Then again, I didn't venture to the vicinity of Lauderdale and Trigg.

  3. you can always count on janice broach to get the top story... action news 5 on your side

  4. "Trigg" does sound like a nice street. I've never been to Slims but I hear good things.

    Folks in the rest of SEC county seem to have a misinformed view of Memphis. They look at silly stuff like "Murder rates," "Car jackings," and "Rape statistics."

    I lived in or near Memphis for 18 years and I wasn't never stabrapeshot.

  5. Man, everybody loves Memphrica. It makes us all feel better about where we live.