Thursday, August 7

Guess Who the Media Has Slated for the BCS

Get Ready for the Same Old Shit

"Loading up for another title FAIL"

Eventually, they're gonna win one if given a-half-dozen chances...then we'll never hear the end of it (Vanderbilt might even win one if they were ushered into the BCS Championship game every year) Is the big 10 this weak? Has college football sold out to Kirk Herbstreit this much? Screw those guys. I'm already pissed and the season hasn't even started.

[Here's SI's Worthless Preseason Ranking of all 119]

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  1. They will get stomped on Sept. 13th by Southern Cal, but they will probably run the table. It will be funny when they get left out of the championship game for a one loss UGA team that won an extra game. The real blasphemy is the media circle jerk over UFag. They lost 4 games last year and have a hideous defense. By the way, Herbstreit can be found waiting his turn to suck off Tebow. Erin Andrews is almost finished.