Tuesday, August 5

Better Call Your Bookie

Kige's Gone Public with His SEC Prognostications

Listen, I hate to go to the "Ramsey well" too often (if that's even possible) but this youtubes is hot off the press and it will not be ignored.

Kige is in mid-season form with tons of mini-helmets, suspenseful pauses and cheeky shenanigans! As one early commenter stated, "From 1:35 to 2:00 is the greatest 25 seconds in the history of the Kige Ramsey Show...." No Doubt.

Like I've said from day one, the sooner JP/LF/Raycom Sports gives Kige a permanent, on-air weekly gig...the better. He's the Dave Rowe of our generation.


  1. My goodness man; you could be the wittiest blogger on Earth. Not.

    Do us all a favor, please stop trying to be the sports funny guy; you only embarrass yourself.

    Now go back to spit shining public restrooms.

  2. Did you just say, "Not." ? Kudos to you, friend.


  3. Wait a minute. We won't even claim this guy. He uses big words and semicolons way too often.

  4. The wood paneling makes this shit. Can't you see him on the set between Fowler and Desmond Howard. Let's start a petition.

  5. Kige must get some crazy ass, with those mini helmets and dirty

  6. Dude totally unfunny.

    If you look hard enough there's a glory hole in Birmingham in need of a "top mouth", try that for a while.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  7. Who are all these gunts trashing you?! Either it is Lundy or they heard Feinbuam the other day.

    Kige was killing me with the suspense of the SEC champ...wow, I never want to go through that kind of stress again..

  8. This is absolutely redonkulous!

  9. He's growing up to be such a handsome man.