Wednesday, August 6

Bama Fan of the Week?

Reader LSU-David sent us a lovely image from his vacation to the nuevo Redneck Riviera, Destin, FL.

His testimony claims these fine specimen are Tiders, and the evidence is extremely compelling. If only David could have walked by, raised a Busch light and proclaimed, "RTR, Baby!!!" for confirmation purposes...

clickage to enlarge

The Story, as told by LSU-David:

My wife, child and I got to the beach about 9:45am on this morning and proceeded to the two chairs and an umbrella that was provided by the rental. We noticed some rather interesting characters "erecting a tent" in our area and at the time they were wearing Alabama gear (hats and t-shirts).
After about an hour, the tent was up, the death metal blaring out of their "Dewalt" construction radio, and the bama gear came off! I guess they don't make a bama bikini! [houndstooth business venture?] 1:20 minutes into the events, they proceeded to light up cigarettes, within 20 feet of my two year old.

Wow. Thanks, David. Your MS Paint-work was just an added bonus. As brother Dave alluded to in the rest of his email, when the LSU fanbase is questioning your class, you might want lay down the filterless Pall-Malls and take a long, hard look in the mirror.

My Rant: Destin = PCB on Valtrax. The quaint little fishing village has developed into quite the bloated whore. The above imagery is the perfect example of why I've given up on this section of the beach. It's gone mainstream, and as the geniuses at Sweetwater says, "don't float the mainstream." Next thing you know, Destin's gonna pop up with it's own NHL team or something ("The Emerald Coast Trash-Kats?")

I used to frequent Destin in college, and it served it's purpose. But I've clearly matured (right?) and things locally have gone down hill, fast. I like my vacations a little more relaxing, less trafficy and disease free. I don't get enough days off to pay for Destin's crap.

[Another Tider classin-it-up at the beach]
[Loserswithsocks doing my work for me]


  1. the girl pictured is in her prime, in two years she will have gained 30 pounds, had two kids and have a new father for her children. The good news is she will still be wearing the same bikini. RTR!!!

  2. This is why I don't understand bammers calling Auburn students and/or fans rednecks.

  3. Great job on the Finebaum show Erik.

    He has to cater to the Necks that call his show. If not, he may not be able to go up to Guntersville, eat the fried seafood platter and sell a boat for his sponsor.

    By the way, just picked up your site and it is way too funny. My wife has always wanted to put together a coffee table book of Alabama fans and it looks like you have beaten us to the punch with this blog.

    Nice work!

  4. Toughen up pussies. DeWalt rules!