Tuesday, August 19

The Kige Party

I think it's pretty obvious that I haven't been "on the blogging ball" lately, and for that I apologize. Some developments in the non-online world are keeping me away for the moment (should have some preseason-esque content arriving soon).

I feel as if I've hit a blogging wall...who can I relate to in times such as these?

In this quagmire I find myself, I take a deep breath and turn to Kige Ramsey. He's like Dave Ramsey, but useful. Here's one of Kige's recent late night, Olympic updates where he teaches us viewers how to push through the tough spots... How to rebound with grace and dignity firmly intact. Nothing fazes this guy.

I think of Kige as "a Scotch man"


  1. "His win over the second place guy."

    Kige appears to have really been sweating that one out.

  2. "Mark Phelps?" Nice name drop.

  3. yeah, Kige definitely missed the ball with Phelps name there..Is Kige drunk in this? Was he just rubbing one out to Misty-May and Kerry Walsh?
    I'm running out of adjectives to describe this amazing youtube update from Kige.

  4. "Touches that electronical thing underwater"

  5. The genius of Kige is simply this: "Editing? Fuck editing! Let them watch me walk to the camera and turn it off. They should be glad I even had time to tell them about Mark Phelps."