Wednesday, August 13

Man Love Don't Rule, OK?

These fancy Brits think they can come thru Alabama and have a jolly good laugh at our expense? I'll let the boys handle this...

tears of pride


  1. I'm looking forward to these three BBC wankers doing similar deliberate attempt to offend and provoke in their upcoming visits to rural Saudi, Algeria, Indonesia, UAE or Egypt. Wait.. no they won't do that.

    Hell, they wouldn't even do this in their own country in places like east London, Bradford or Birmingham. The exact elephant-size thing they're ignoring in all their pretentious pc telerubbish.

  2. Hey, not so sensitive, anon. That could have occurred in any SEC state, not to mention Texas, Oklahoma, and a lot of Missouri.

  3. Jason Blankenship10:54 AM, August 14, 2008

    Why is this any different that what happens on here on a daily basis? Because they are British??? How often do we see Alabama fans made fun of on here in arguably WORSE ways than the show?

    Seems to me the reactions of those 'necks in Alabama does more harm than anything the Top Gear crew did, and if anything, contributes to the stereotype that we (Southerners) are exactly as they described.

  4. I thought it was hilarious. NASCAR does suck.

  5. Anyone know where in Bama they were at? One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

  6. If they are being chased by an angry bunch of rabid rednecks, then why did they have enough time to stop and clean off their cars before continuing their escape?

  7. Of course it was dramatized, but the reaction people have is a reminder of the truth in Alabama's intolerance to difference.

  8. This Cyberspace garbage dump of your rants is boorish.

    If you think that you're so witty, come up with your own content instead of stealing it from other websites.

    You are not funny.

    But what would be funny; would be the reaction from those that you're" borrowing" content from, who also hold copyright to this content that you so freely use without permission.

    Now that's a laugh.

  9. Erik, tell these taints to f off...Keep up the good work...they can go put up their own blog if they think they can do better...

    As a side note to the person that posted something about Alabama's intolerance...noted...check out my home town of Mobile, AL- there is a great movie out about Mardi Gras in Mobile. It discusses the racial divide between the white Mardi Gras and the black Mardi Gras down there.