Monday, September 8

Bama Fan of the WTF?

So she's no Alana Collette, but that sure is a Bama "script A" (see: the Atlanta Braves original) on this young perpetrator's right cheek. Thanks to the keen eye of reader Joe Blow, we get this perplexing young lady, fresh from The Smoking Gun.

The website gives no real explanation, but we all know that a Bama tattoo, no matter how temporary, is considered probable cause for Meth abuse in 7 states and West Virginia. Ask a lawya.

If you're drunk, don't blow...and if you're tweakin' on hillbilly heroin, tell that pig "I'm obviously a Vandy alum and will have your badge if you continues this backtalk. And get your effing hands off my Trans-Am."

It's common sense really. RTR!!!

By the way, had to give credit to this stud from the same series...

Bama's sleeper linebacking sensation, LaPervis Griffin looks on


  1. i realize you're being hilarious and all, but relatively speaking, alabama ain't that bad in terms of a meth problem. now if you want to come visit me in texas, we can talk meth.

    and more from the "erik doesn't know what he's talking about" dept...if you're trying to insinuate that bama "stole" the braves logo you're sounding pretty dumb. just sayin'.

  2. I love that you've researched meth stats. Credit.

  3. well i was pretty sure of my statement, but i didn't want to go running my idiot mouth without doing a quick google search.

  4. You mean there's a place worse for meth than north Arkansas? For once, the piglets can say "Thank God for Texas" (something they won't be saying this Saturday).

  5. so who stole the scripted 'A' from whom?

  6. dude its a script's pretty hard to say anyone stole it from someone else. its not like stealing a unique trademarked logo. there are only like 4 different kinds of "a" you can use.

  7. gerry,

    As to not go running off my idiot mouth any further, I did a little research of my own. I looked at these stats which suggest that Alabama is among the worst states in the SEC (however Arkansas is clearly the Kang, Congrats ARTiger). Texas is actually quite low on the meth "abuse" totem poll.

    Now meth lab busts can be a different story...but that stat is more a function of law enforcement effectiveness, which we all know is lacking here in the yellowhammer state (with the exception of The strip in Tuscaloosa, of course).

    When it comes down to it, my central point is that if I walked on down to the "meth ward" at UAB Hospital and shouted "Roll F**kin' Tide, Mother F**kers!!!" I quite confident I'd make a ton of new, cool friends.

  8. Whew! That's a relief. The Ozarks have a reputation to uphold, you know.

    And let it be known that I do not reside in that part of the state (like it matters).

  9. so your source for meth stats is pbs?? if you refute my stats by questioning law enforcement, i say how do you know that meth heads in other states aren't simply dying from their addiction before they ever make it to rehab??

    we should really just be honest with ourselves and admit that no matter what state we're in, any one of us could have meth within the next hour if we really wanted it

  10. Yo, Gerry, you need me to fix you up?

  11. "see: the Atlanta Braves original"

    So allow me to get this straight: you're yet again supplying your readers with misinformation by implying Alabama "stole" the Atlanta Braves' script A.

    Yet again you fail to have your facts straight. The script A originated from Alabama AFTER they swapped the U encompassing the A logo, which The Alabama Polytechnic Institute later stole from us, which is served as their current logo today, while Atlanta's A was the lowercase "a" that many of their finest thugs still sport today.

    Let's see an article discussing how API recycles our garbage and flaunts it as if it's uniquely original. Or would your wife not be very fond of that idea?