Saturday, September 27

Ole Miss Pwns Gators

Fast Facts
• The Rebels had lost 14 straight SEC road games entering Saturday as well as nine straight SEC games overall.
• The Gators lost three fumbles after not losing one in their first three games.
• The Gators are now 0-5 when trailing at any point in the second half with Tim Tebow as the quarterback.
• Three of the last six times Florida has lost to an unranked team it has been to the Rebels.
-- ESPN research
Ole Miss has won three of its last four vs. Florida, including the last two matchups between the teams at the Swamp.
UF Regular-Season Losses toUnranked Opponents Since '02:

2008 Ole Miss
2007 Auburn
2005 South Carolina
2004 Mississippi St.
2003 Ole Miss
2002 Ole Miss


  1. And Ryan Hamilton >> Snead, therefore....

    Congrats on the win! Way to shake things up in the SEC.


  2. It was a good win for Ole Miss. However, there is no way you can say Florida go owned. Owned is what happen to Georgia and TCU.

  3. If you must know, I am speaking more in the general sense. 12-10-1 all time. 3-1 in the last decade.

    Strange but true.

  4. Vandy in charge in the SEC East...the world is indeed upside down.

  5. why haven't you published your poll yet barner...cant stand to put the tide at #1 where they belong can you?

  6. LSU still #1 in my book. Why would I change that now? No poll this week.

  7. Polls do not matter until the end of the season draws near, Matthew. After all, LSU should currently be ranked number 1 in Erik's world renowned poll considering their only major win was over the best team in the nation: The Polytechnic Institute of Aufarm. Out of curiosity, did the LSU fans take over the AU Farmhouse Fraternity's rodeo that weekend?

  8. No, we didn't, Floridan...we're saving that love for you on Nov 8.

    Sure are gettin mouthy now that it looks like y'all might actually win the Iron Bowl for the first time in a while.