Monday, September 1

What a Wonderful Gosh Damn Weekend

Can Houston shoulder the hopes and dreams of good Rebels everywhere?

So much to say, so little time. It was a lovely day in Oxford...I'll say that much. Is Ole Miss Back? Well, I don't mean to go all "Tider" on ya, cause they're certainly not 60's back, but very likely Tuberville/Cutcliffe back (read: 6-8 wins). First time the Rebs scored 40 since Eli's senior season, and that's huge since the D is suspect at best. True test is Wake on ABC this Saturday.

Here's the highlights of the Rebel's Houston Nutt revival with requisite annoying, repetitive hard rock music...

Dexter McCluster is a bad little water bug (#22 seen above receiving footballs and orchestrating the McClusterf**k/Wild-Rebel offense) Like I didn't already tell you that. The jury's still out on Snead.

The SEC, with a clear UT win this evening, is staring down the barrel of an 11-1 opening weekend. So, in my opinion, other than Mississippi State and Arkansas, the SEC ain't too shabby. Even Kentucky and Vandy notched convincing victories.

Wait, the reigning SEC coach of the year got Croomed by a mid level Sun-Belt team? Who could have seen that coming?

The Hawgs looked like G.I. drainage on Saturday in their comeback victory over Western Iowa or some such titty baby team. Yeah...about that. Don't see so many Arkies talking shit about Ole Miss' Nutt hire now do we? Good luck with all that "b,b,but the cupboard is bare" talk, Hawgs. It gets old after a few years. Trust me.

As far as the top teams in the league, look for my SEC Power Poll ballot in the next few days.

Why so many Ole Miss students should be punched in the face [friendsoftheprogram]

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  1. Well, UT took out the 12 gauge and blew a hole right in what was a stellar opener for the SEC. What is it about the Vols and opening road trips out west?

    Speaking of the Hogs, and I'm not defending them (I don't even like them), I don't think the expectations are that high this year, Petrino or not. Only the most blindly loyal of the piglets expects anything other than a trip to Nashville, or Shreveport, if they're lucky.

    I wouldn't hold my breath for the Rebs, as Nutt is used to beating up on teams like Memphis, but 6 or 8 wins is realistic.