Tuesday, September 9

Week 2: My SEC Power Poll Ballot

"Hey, Coonass!"

1. LSU Innocent until proven guilty. Why the hell is LSU behind an Ohio State team that struggled mightily with the turdulent Ohio Bobcats?

2. Florida Team Tebow wins another snoozer. Florida D looks strong to quite strong.

3. UGA Stafford looked like the second best QB on the field when Central Michigan came to town. Thank gawd for Knowshon and that Defense.

4. Auburn Todd appears to have settled the QB debate. Kodi Burns crapped the bed. Run D is stout. Look for consistent improvement in the passing game.

5. Ole Miss My favorite Rebel loss of the last five seasons. However, The Jury just delivered a verdict, and it reads "Jevan Snead is Your Dad." Rebs are too legit to quit.

6. Alabama Put this on the cover of Sports Illustrated... "YARDS…172 Total vs. effing Tulane, Seriously."

7. Vanderbilt The Wake Forest of the SEC…except the rest of the conference doesn't suck. When the Dores go bowling this season, Bobby better win SEC coach of the year.

8. Kentucky Who knew Norfolk state had a football program…Jury's still out on the Cats.

9. Tennessee Fulmer without Cutcliffe is like "Journey" without that new Asian dude.

10. USC Who could have guessed this in 2004: Spurrier gets embarrassed by Vandy for the second straight season, while Skip Holtz beats three straight ranked opponents coaching East Carolina.

11. Arkansas Worst 2-0 Team in D-I. Bobby Petrino is the Steve Kragthorpe of the SEC.

12. State Big win over the mighty Southeastern Louisiana Lions. Enjoy it, cause it's gonna be a long fall.

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  1. Erik, I'll say no thanks on that number one. You're just setting us up!

    Fortunately, it looks like we may very well play at home this weekend, Ike-willing (no 3 mil loss!), so we can get some "practice" in before Auburn. After swappin' paint with Tubbs and company, then we might have an idea. Until then, put us back a few notches, as all we've proven so far is that we're not Meeshagain.

  2. "Stafford looked like the second best QB on the field when Central Michigan came to town. Thank gawd for Knowshon and that Defense."

    Are you kidding? Did you even watch the game? Stafford was crisp and sharp while Lefevour was overthrowing balls over the hedges. And, last I looked, he ran the ball better than the "poor man's Tebow" too. Pithy comment, but highly incorrect.