Monday, September 8

Mindless Morning Youtubery

Nothing says college football in The Deep South like tailgating with loved ones, children innocently tossing the pigskin in the quad, and some fat, shrieking whore, rhythmically convulsing right outside your tent.

[with leather]


  1. It's things like this that make it harder and harder for me to get out of bed each morning as a Tide fan...Why are you doing this to me? Why?

  2. holy shit! its the motherfucking ramp lady!

  3. It surely pales in comparison to attending API (aka Aubarn), where the only method of partying there is weekend rodeos, hosted by the school where you find nothing but Opelika's finest: obese, cowboy hat wearing, whores representing both the confederate flag and the Aufarm flag... or nothing beats the fine lyrics of some D-list country music artist at the SKYBARn. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!