Tuesday, September 2

Wherefore Art Thou, Julio?


Surely there's been a mother effing mistake. From SECSports.com...


Running Back
5-11 • 215
Baton Rouge, La. (Scotlandville Magnet)

  • Bolden led Ole Miss with 76 yards rushing on eight carries in the Rebels’ 41-24 win against Memphis.
  • He added a 10-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter giving the Rebels a 41-17 lead.
  • Bolden also threw a 37-yard halfback pass to quarterback Jevan Snead that helped set up a Rebel field goal in the second quarter.

  • WTFYMFAF!!?! Wait...Is "Brandon Bolden" some pseudo name for The Julio? Cause the only "Brandon Bolden" I know of was some non-dreamy three-star "athlete." What could he possibly know about outstandingness?

    What is this Brandon's vertical? Where are his erotic preseason photographs? Has Brandon ever testified at a murder trial? Has Mr. Bolden ever even been accused of owning an Escalade, much less driven one? I think Not. Fact is, nobody touches themselves when they think of "Brandon Bolden." He doesn't even have a gosh damn face, while Julio is the face of all things classy and traditional.

    These types of things need be taken into consideration for some stupid award such as "SEC Freshman of the Week."

    Julio Jones: The People's Freshman of the Week


    1. you're trying to have it both ways. you repeatedly tell me jpw sucks ass, and now you act surprised when his freshman receiver doesn't roll up big numbers?? even julio can't throw it to himself.

    2. ye of little faith. Blessed are those who can't afford cable and still believe in Julio.

    3. i guess i don't get it. i'm sure its hilarious as shit though.

    4. classic dorsey! aub/ole miss fan beating head against wall, going to the grave never having seen his team raise the trophy. NEVER seeing EITHER team raise the trophy.

    5. I think this kid will do great things at Ole Miss before its said and done. Don't get cought up in the stars, that just tells me that the kid didn't go to many camps or the "experts" didn't see him that much..