Tuesday, September 16

My Ballot - SEC Power Poll

typical tebow tugger [credit: dan]

1. LSU My wife, the Barn-ette, may not like this, but things are gonna get ugly down on the plains this weekend. LSU's beastly shaved apes have grown wary of appetizers.
2. Florida Bye week last week, but Gates somehow solidified this 2 spot. Look for Urban's boys to dominate UT in all phases once again.
3. UGA What is the dawg's problem with the Cocks? They looked like ass…ugly, ugly ass. Who knew Tons-of-fun Stafford could move like that?
4. Alabama Because of turdulent pre-season rankings, most folks think this team has been tested. They haven't, and don't look for that test to come this weekend in Fayettenam.
5. Vanderbilt The positive surprise of the young SEC season. To go bowling, Vandy must win only 3 of the 6 extremely winnable games left on their schedule (OM, AU, State, Duke, UK, & UT).
6. Auburn WTF? Really?
7. Ole Miss Shoulda beat the Samford Bulldogs by 40. Snead was off (2 picks) and that can't happen, even against Vanderbilt. Turnover margin is key to bowl season.
8. Tennessee UAB effing sucks, but the Vols beat them down quite effectively. BYU so very > UCLA > Tennesse is a polygamistic abomination. Congratulations on your life, Fulmer.
9. Kentucky The Wildcats just kinda suck this year. And while "kinda suckage" would get you the silver medal in the ACC, you're relegated to the bottom third of SEC (speed, bitches!)
10. Cocks Jeri needs to start holding out on him til they beat a program with a pulse. Wofford, this weekend, need not apply.
11. Arkansas Hurricane Ike delayed the debut of "Balls and Ass, Petrino Style" until this weekend, when Alabama eats another cupcake.
12. State How the hell does this team keep getting on TV week after week? Crooms: The non-narcotic, no risk of dependency sleep-aid.

Think Tiger Pimp Nation, but with a splash of Douche


  1. It is very interesting how everyone who said we'd get drilled by Clemson because they were superior seems to be saying that Alabama hasn't played anyone good.

  2. No what the hell does that have to do with the member of the Bama Mafia putting in his dip at the Bamer game last week? I really would like to know???

  3. Tidedruid, I'll admit it, I thought Clemson was going to be good...but they're not. It's as simple as that.