Tuesday, September 16

Highlight FAIL

I didn't get to partake in the State/Auburn suckfest this weekend (I was attending the ND/Michigan rain soaked turnover extravaganza!). I'm sure in a few weeks, Tommy Tuberville and Tony Franklin will sit down, pop in the tape of this "defensive masterpiece" and just have a good laugh.



  1. State brings out the worst in all of us.

  2. When I watched this game live, I just kept screaming, "you suck!" at both teams. It was like watching two horrible high school teams take each other on.

  3. as i love to hear about much awwburn sucks (and that game was pitiful), i'd like to kindly remind bama girl that we have lost to awwburn 6 years in a row....don't get too cocky...hear to humble the tider nation and break the trend of tiders who think we are back this year...patience...
    roll tide

  4. haha, oh I know, Daniel. Every team has bad games here and there. It really pissed off my husband who is a State fan. I don't know how things will go with Bama this season after the Tulane game, but I'm hopeful.

  5. Noted...I enjoy enthusiasm from my fellow Tiders...and a sense of reality. We need to win big this weekend at ARK.

    Erik, I am gonna put 3 wasps in your bed this weekend at the camp.