Monday, July 7

Bama Fan of the Week

First Rule of The Deep South: Never make eye contact with a Tider in the wild.

Drew and Erica will admit it... Mistakes were made. But lucky for us all, they made it out of Six Flags over Georgia with their lives...and without the requisite filterless Pall Mall burns to the forearm. (defensive wounds)

They got made. It happens...Learn from it. We all had a first time.

While the subject may appear docile, heavily medicated and unkempt, do not be fooled. He's better than you. His tri-tone beard type thing, shifty eyes and vintage crimson jersey speak of classy, more traditional times...before even Julio Jones was birthed by the Nubian gods.

Back when a man was a man. Back when the Bear wasn't nothin' but alive, and this stud didn't have to "pass" a gosh damn piss test every time he wrecked the forklift. Yeah, so times have changed...What of it?

He may be on government disability, but at least he's got 12.

What have you got?

A lone tider at Six Flags is not to be trifled with. wallet chain?

[ht: Drew Photo: Erica...very classy indeed]


  1. i would never even begin to defend this guy, but there is not a chain wallet in this picture.

  2. he'd be a lot cooler if he had one. Maybe he chained himself to railing so he wouldn't be forced to whoop some ass.

  3. I loved that guy in Wrong Turn...

  4. I think he's a carny, waiting to try out a ride to "see the other side of things". Maybe he gets a corporate discount on rides and food.

  5. This Bama Man was fantastic. He passed by us in the line and (I know you think I am just making this up but no no) he smelled as if he had started tailgating for the Clemson game for the past month and was ready to RTR till August!

  6. MightyMightyMitzu1:55 PM, July 07, 2008

    I'm pretty sure thats the line to the
    Monster Plantation, a.k.a a kiddie ride. I don't see any lil tiders...

  7. Bammer,
    Cargo Pants,
    Gross Beard,
    Nasty Brown hat,
    Six flags alone,

    The only thing I have in common with this guy is that I like Monster Plantation.