Tuesday, July 15

Sweet Ass Bama Gear

Jimmy John's garage? Heard whores will do almost anything for blow. This looks like the cover of Tider Rides & Skanks Illustrated [HT: Blake]

Tiders are typically marketing geniuses. Talk about living in the past...The fine print should read: "Paint Chips Are A Tasty Treat" What is Shawn Alexander even doing these days since he got dropped by the Seahawks? Probably somewhere being an annoying, self-important, unemployed douche. Knowshon, I'd take this shirt as a complement. Can't wait for the groundbreaking "Matthew Stafford is no Tyler Watts" Tee. [HT: Duff] [noshawn.com]

Nick tap-dancing Saban! That's a sweet ass purse. RTR!!!!!1


  1. I predict the 2007-2008 Ga v, Bama series to continue to mirror the 2002-2003 series. The Dawgs already won a close game in T Town just like in 2002 so the 2008 game at Sanford will be a thrashing where JPW and his backup get knocked out of the game just like 2003.

  2. this whole "noshaun/knowshon" thing is the dumbest shit i've seen in a loooooong time. it doesn't even make sense. let me see if i've got this straight...for our 2008 game we're going to compare your current rb to our rb from 10 years ago who is about to be selling insurance for a living?? pure dumbassery.

    ps-in the interest of accuracy, you have the url as "noshawn" instead of "noshaun"...just sayin'.

  3. In that first pic the woman looks like she just did a rail off of the hood of that car.

    And with the Bama purse... all I have to say is thank God for camera phones

  4. Erik,

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    Austin Baird

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  5. so what is this RTR with a footnote?
    All of us in the know are aware this acronym is for "Right turn retard", a DA who sits at the red light and won't turn on red...
    so don't you want your fans to know exactly how and to what extent you are extolling the beauty of the Alabama female fan du jour?
    If RTR means something newer and cooler that you know and we don't, inquiring minds are dying to know too