Tuesday, July 8

God Bless The Delta

Nice chalk outline. The above, serious video comes to us from beautiful Greenville, MS. Home of The Delta State Fighting Okra and the original world-renowned, aptly named, Doe's Eat Place. (It doesn't get much more Southern than that..."It's a Eat Place, asshole")


  1. ummm, thanks for making me hungry with the reference to Doe's. You have to go to the original in the Delta to truly appreciate that mouthwatering steak. I have yet to find a high-end steak house that can match their steaks.

    As the video shows the locals though, Doe's is the high point of that town.

  2. I hate to be nitpicky, but Delta State is in Cleveland, MS.

    Granted, all delta towns look 100% identical (a high school, a juke joint, an "eat place," and maybe a library) but I just had a bizarre urge to point that out.

  3. Damn, he's right. I missed by 36 miles. Don't know where I got that Idea.

    The only Delta I've really spent time in is Greenwood and Tunica. Obviously, I pretty ignorant of the intricacies of Delta life.

    Appreciate the heads up, GOJC.

  4. With the Delta being as homogeneous as it is, the Fightin' Okra mistake can be forgiven.

    Some in our parts would say that any publicity is good publicity. I am not in that company, but even with overwhelming poverty and its problems, we've still got a pretty active tennis circuit, decent duck hunting, respectable eye candy for the men, and oh, of course, Doe's (and, in reference to Erik's recent diatribe, they know not to marinate a good steak). Damn, now I sound like I am trying to sell the place!

    Still, Greenville and the surrounding area is to Southern as Memphis is to BBQ (take that, Erik!).

    BTW, Erik, was that Greenwood time you mentioned spent at the Alluvian? Talk about an oasis.