Wednesday, July 30

Mindless Morning Youtubery - 770/404 (and Beyond) Edition

An oldie but a goodie from beautiful "Disgusta," Gawga. Welcome to the Summers in tha DeepSouth, my brotha...


[HT: Rob, for reminding me]

EDIT: To add a double dose of Gawga thuggery. Many of you've seen this one, but there ain't no way I couldn't not include this in my Peach State feature. Only in SEC Country. Go Braves.

Could be a crackhead?

[HT: James & Burton Bulldog]


  1. The bottom video is everything that's wrong with America.

  2. I have seen the MARTA video before. But someone was gracious enough to provide subtitles.
    Now this link is funny.

  3. the reporter's station is in houston, tx. he's reporting from a different augusta from the one in ga, asshole.

    "thar's a whole nother 'gusta. . . ?"

  4. Erik,

    I plead not guilty to having this "reporter" associated with the Augusta, GA area. I'm from the area and I may be wrong but....there is no local Channel 4 in our area.....only 6,12,& 26 for as long as I can remember and believe me that is a long time. Thankfully, I have never seen that dude before! Believe me, I would remember him!