Tuesday, July 1

Finally...Clay Travis does The Kige Ramsey Show

...back from 5 days in sweaty, trafficy Norfolk, Virginia - Sorry I don't have minions to cover my ass like "the big boys"...

Kige Ramsey, The King of All Youtubes, sits down with noted author/writer/lawyer Clay Travis for a candid, card-table-side talk in his mother's living room. Comedy of an unintentional and uncomfortable nature ensues...

[Part 2]
[Part 3] - Clay channeling a bearded Jim Halpert?


  1. Kige Ramsey = the white, unathletic Jerrell Powe in that he is the unaware butt of many, many jokes.

  2. ho-lee-shit! has anyone seen clay since this was filmed?? i have a bad feeling he's in kige's basement "rubbing the lotion on his skin."