Monday, July 14

Screw Body Art

In The South, Car Tattoos are the new hotness. And personally, I've found that nothing makes the ladies hotter than deep automotive associations with junk food. How long before LSUFreek has Phil Fulmer driving the Cheetos-mobile?

Can't wait to get my custom, Baked Lays Maxima back from the shop. I roll low-fat, bitches.

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[HT: RichardZinya at nafoom]


  1. nope ... these types of cars have been in Montgomery for quite a while

    there's a Kool Aid car at one of the city's "projects" and a Skittles car among others cruising from 'hood to 'hood

    I suspect the drivers are poor tippers if they ever dine in restaurants

  2. well I guess it only happens in NOLA and the slums of Montgomery, and probably Atlanta, and anywhere else hoodlums congregate. MLK would be so proud