Thursday, July 17

See, Ole Miss Fans Can Be Douche Bags Too

Somebody deserves to get NUTT punched...and not just this high-waisted, shitty tee-shirt tucker.

All involved must pay the price for such douchebaggery.

[lewisnixon @ nafoom]

Edited 7/18: The equally soul crushing Mississippi State response tee:

[credit: The CL]


  1. Give me a damn bag to put over my head.

  2. Just wait till Nutt starts shedding tears in post game press conferences, and calling Snead "special". You're going to see a new level of cheesiness that you've never known before.

    The hybrid Col. Reb/Mr. Peanut is an especially douchey touch.

  3. colonel reb is once again crying in his confederate handkerchief.

  4. Wait a gosh-durned second... Arkansas fans don't like Coach Nutt?

    Give it a rest, Arkansas. We all get it and there's nothing you can say that we haven't heard.

  5. I am not an Arkansas fan, cutler. I don't like Hogs or Nutts, no matter where they are.