Thursday, July 17

More Bama/Jimmy Johns Hazing

"Wait just a gosh darn minute. Tha Snake is innocent til proven guilty, you sumabitch...That black boy can go ta hell for all I care...he's guilty as sin, plus Saban says we don't need him no-way." [HT: Byrd]

If only tha bahr was approvingly lookin' down from Golden Flake heaven
[HT: Trey]

[HT: Gordo]

RTR Indeed [HT: Gordo]


  1. save for maybe shula, every one of those dudes belongs under a bus, regardless of who's driving it.

    that's some top notch farking by the way.

  2. Is that Curry in front of the right front fender? My eyes aren't what they used to be. If so, cut him some slack!

    Yeah, nice fark either way.