Tuesday, July 29

The SEC Is About To Get POWEnd

Here Jerrell is seen with some stupid, skinny white kid (most likely a walk-on)

While this is obviously earth shattering news in North Mississippi (and very few points beyond!) I can see the turdulent signage now (take this post's title for example).

Ole Miss fans are akin to that Inigo Montoya dude from The Princess Bride. After four years of trial, tribulation, and illiteracy scandals, now that Jerrell Powe has been cleared to play SEC Football, most Reb fans don't know what the hell to do with their various lives. What partisan, college-football-related injustice should they champ'yun?

Let's be honest here. The fans just want to see this 6'2" 330 lb offensive-line-decimating beast-child get a fair shot at a decent education, right?

My favorite quote from Rivals:

"Anybody ready for a Powe-boy sandwich?"
Does Jerrell have a brother? Where do I sign on for this?


  1. and you rip on Bama's players, The University would never admit an illiterate like Jerrel Powe

  2. I love Bama fans that call UAT, "The University," or "The Capstone."

    Pure class.

  3. Fortunately, Powe's now got a coach that can explain things on his level.

  4. Yeah, only Rhodes Scholars get in at bammer right?

  5. I don't have a Rhodes Scholars tally, but we do have players that can spell their names.

  6. At UAT you better be able to add or you might get confused between coke sales profits and pit bull kennel expenses.

  7. For any fan of an SEC school, save Vandy, to pretend like they wouldn't love to have Jerrell Powe on their D-Line because of his learning disabilities is foolish and untrue. Also, to pretend as if you school truly gives enough of a shit about academics to deny an Army All-American DT is also a big damn lie.

    Oh, and for the record; the Chancellor DID at one point deny Jerrell admission so it's not like he was just whisked into the student body right away.

    Get your facts straight and get off of your rickety high horse.

  8. Oh, and while we're on the topic of Rhodes scholars, chew on this.

    Graduates of Bama who are Rhodes scholars - 15

    Graduates of Ole Miss who are Rhodes scholars - 24

    Google is a bitch, huh?

  9. Graduates of Ole Miss who are Rhodes scholars - 24...which is is also the amount of victories ole miss has had in last 5 years combined.

    sure be smart though.