Tuesday, July 8

Clemson Fan Owns The Alabama Super Fan

Nate Davis ain't got nothing on this dude

In anticipation of the season opening game between The Bama Crimson Tiders and the ACC's Clemson Tigers in the ATL, I give you The Clemson Super Fan (A.K.A. Nate Davis' Diddy):


You're thinking, "That's not really newsworthy, now is it?" Well...you'd be correct.

That was Clemson Tim's first ever tattoo...not too shabby. Well executed, relatively tasteful if you're into that sort of thing, right? Sure. But who wants to stop with just one tattoo? (sounds like a "gateway drugs" are bad talk) Below, is his second tattoo...

4 sessions, at least 28 hours and countless dollar bills later:


holy shitballs. I'm impressed and afraid all at once. He says it's not even done yet. At least he went for the more timeless symbols of the University like Howard's Rock and the Tiger instead of more transient imagery like say...Tommy Bowden or Tommy Bowden's daughter. (yeah, I'm not gonna link that)

Screw marching bands. How bout a Bama Nate vs. Clemson Tim "Steel Cage Match Halftime Spectacular" in the Georgia Dome? Are you freakin' kidding me? I gotta make some calls.

Compare and contrast...Who ya got?




  1. Clemson Tim gets the nod for the style points (much more classy), but Nate gets the originality category. Tiebreaker goes to Tim, as I think Nate loses for the technical mistake on the left forearm (see below from LWS).


  2. Not much to add other than a simple "GO TIGERS!!!"

  3. Tim gets the nod hands down, much cleaner tat and extremely well done.

    Nate's tat just looks like he went to the guy on the corner to get it done.

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  5. Has Nate been checked for hepatitis?

  6. Tim's is so much better. Not a huge fan of Tattoos, but I am seriously impressed. It probably cost a fortune and took forever, but damn. Even the Paw Print alone looks BA. Tats truly Body ART

  7. Hmmmm...Whose got the biggest redneck freak fan with the best tats - Clemson or Alabama?

    You must be very proud.

    Human stupidity never fails to amaze me.

  8. The only thing wrong with Tim's is that the Clemson players are wearing white jerseys but rubbing the rock, which means they are at home... should either be Orange or Purple.

    Other than that minor issue, it looks good.

    Go Tigers... Clemson 31 - Alabama 17

  9. No one completely incorporates their football program / fans more than the bama guy. Bama is one guy, and that's it (outside of a smattering of "national championships" they won decades after the seasons ended). The bama guy dress like bear and has bear painted on his back, so that covers the football program aspect. He then goes further and pays homage to bama fans around the globe by wearing a braided belt. Well done, good sir. I applaud you.

  10. The Clemins guy doesnt have anything spelled backwards on his forarms though

  11. Every time I think I'm a die-hard Longhorn, stuff like this makes me realize I'm still in AA-ball.

  12. Nate wins because he is great guy, and the Tide ate the Tigers alive in the Dome. Therefore, Tim looks stupid for having losers on his back. And who is better than the Bear? I can't even name a Clemson alum that was a beast in any sport.