Wednesday, September 6

Best Freshman Performance of Week 1? Says It's Dexter McCluster

Wide receiver was a huge question mark at Ole Miss going into fall camp, but a massive piece of the puzzle comes in the form of one of the smallest players on the team.

Redemption, thy name is Dexter.

Yes, former high school scatback, Dexter McCluster (5'9", 157) takes home Rivals first, 2006 National Freshman of the Week.


268 all purpose reasons.

The three star prospect out of Largo, Florida appears to have out-shined all of those pseudo-celebrity four and five star talents out there... Rivals 100, my taint.

Eat your heart out, Percy!

If you thought Coach O and staff didn't have a keen eye for high quality talent, then you must have gone all "Tom Cruise" on our asses.

The Florida Schools' loss is The Rebels gain. Big time.

- Profile: Get to know the kid (he just turned 18 a week ago)

- Dexter's Rivals Radio Interview (3:44): concerning the award and his recruitment

- Here's a Sportscenter clip showcasing some of McCluster's speed, ability and lack of size ...

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