Thursday, July 12

Brady Quinn's Homopalooza

How Did You Spend Your Off-Season?

Noted man's man... Brady Quinn spent his down time totally not acting gay. And I thought Eli got hazed. Some of these pictures we know, some we are meeting for the first time.

OMG!!! Brady is soo about to get with Bret Michaels on his tour bus! (mondesishouse)


  1. Look at the butt on that! He must workout.

  2. much I don't understand about sports... I did always suspect there was some gay to it, though.

    ...this was about sports, right?

  3. Colleen...look at my site as of the southern football universe. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. you're about two months late on these holmes.

    also we landed on the moon.

  5. I think you're missing the point, homey.

    It's a review of Brady's FABULOUS Summer.

    Hence: "Some we've seen before, some we are meeting for the first time (Bret Michaels pic)"

  6. slow times in the south hence your pics of Quinn. holmes.

  7. maybe, plus quinn such and easy target...and he's so cute. WHAT?