Friday, July 13

Fark Friday

didn't know Matt Stafford's sister was a Gator (LosersWithSocks)

a little blast from the past to cleanse your mental palate


  1. was that funny? matthew stafford's sister...i just don't get it. maybe if you had said nick saban's daughter than i would have laughed a little.

  2. Newsflash: Stafford is big boned.

  3. erik,isn't that like the third "stafford is fat" joke you've made in a post this month? And Tebow's girlfriend has big 'uns. You're kidding! How about a little help. You might want to make some jokes about:

    1)Brent Schaeffer being a bust.
    2)Ed Orgeron starting a former Fighting Okra player at qb because he's not the talent evaluating genius fans thought he would be.
    3)Ed Orgeron trying to steal Tulane's players following Hurricane Katrina.
    4)Jerrell Powe.

    Just some handy suggestions from the peanut gallery. Signed,

    The Originality Police

  4. Jebus! Georgia fans are sensitive about their weight. That's actually the second Stafford Fat Joke this month (July) if we're keeping score.

    1) Already Covered the Schaeffer stuff Back when Snead became a Rebel
    2) I Think EDSBS Did This Story a few weeks ago? (possible copyright infringement)
    3) That was like 2 years ago, and i covered it, like 2 years ago (see Most Hated SEC Coaches #5)
    4) See Last Week.

    Ole Miss just isn't very interesting this summer. Zero Arrests, low expectations, the lack of Nick Saban and Orgeron has curtailed living sacrifices until the beginning fall practice.

  5. You know whats really funny...

    42-30 and matt stafford can still a 4.7