Monday, July 16

Les Miles: Poet Laureate

As you know, Les Miles isn't the boastful type. He's not one to toot his own horn, if you will. Even so, some of his lesser known qualities need not go without laud. It seems that we may have underestimated the brain behind the hat. Les Miles is not only a noted football strategist and prevayer of hip-hop joints, but apparently he has also been known to "bust a few rhymes" in a more traditional sense.

In this recent Superprep interview with a rising Mississippi running back, I feel that we get a little bit closer to understanding the genius that is Les Miles...

Who is coming after Johnson the hardest?

"Alabama and LSU. Alabama has been sending me a lot a letters about how their athletes get to live in their own apartments. LSU keeps sending me a lot a poems."

Wow. And I thought Poetry was a lost art in Deep South College Football. What a lucky young man this Johnson! I bet you readers would like to get your greasy little hands on a Les Miles original wouldn't you? Well...Today is your lucky day.

Bloggers Note: Some edits have been made to protect the innocent.

To A 5 Star Recruit:

Come Ball With Me

As I cruise through the swamp with its shadowy grass,
I dream of the gridiron and whoopin' some PAC-10 ass.

For your crazy skills, I impart mad props.
To have you on board, we'll pull out the stops.

Be it a Lexus, a 'Sclade or a Hummer Truck,
This is Louisiana. Nobody gives a F**k.

Your Momma like Ice? Don't throw them bows!
We'll even take care of yo chickenheaded hoes.

LSU is the s**t, of this I am certain,
You F with a Tiger, Yo ass I be hurtin'.

We play with the best, and dress you in styles.
So come ball with me, Les Mother F**cking Miles.

"Haha!" - Les Miles - Renaissance Man

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  1. Good poetry always makes me cry. Dang you, Erik.