Thursday, July 5

Men vs. Wild - A Three Day Weekend In The Woods

No more posting this week. I'm off and up out to Cherokee National Forest for a Manly weekend (Read: my bachelor party). God willing, I'll be back Monday. Enjoy yo-self.

Bears - the greatest threat to mankind


  1. 2 things Numbnuts,

    Do not get married, and if you do don't do it during football season.

    Cherokee National Forest was my old stomping grounds. Tellico or Hiwassee?

  2. congrats erik...have fun in the mountains, there's still time to save yourself ;-)

  3. If a bear comes at you remember to box him in the me, it works, I saw it on a commercial.


  4. Jai, there's no turning back now. I already booked the honeymoon. Wedding is late this month, so no football worries (give me a little credit) This weekend, we fished both rivers... spotty at best (damn generators). However, the Natural Light did flow like wine.

    Thanks, Jamie. Why does everybody keep saying stuff like that?

    Matt, I wouldn't box him in the ears, I'd shoot him in his eyeball with my effin' pumpmaster. Luckily, I didn't have to snipe any fools.

  5. Well, looks like you already picked a date. I was going to suggest that you choose an off week for Bama and Auburn. You know...SEC Championship weekend. Wait, you're an Ole Miss fan. I guess the same applies.

    Congrats anyway. Don't let her soften the blog up. If I wanted to read about gymnastics, I'd pick up Orgeron's spicy autobiography.

  6. Bama/AU certainly comes into play every year. Marriage is all about compromise right?

    I gotta think about her football needs as well. I got it like that.

  7. They come into play, but I don't think either will be there this year. LSU will, unfortunately. Hey, I'd like Tubs to prove me wrong!

    Unfortunately, I found the only Southern girl that can't stand football. Is non-panhandle Florida considered "Southern".