Thursday, July 26

In Honor of SEC Media Days

Stereotypes of The SEC

Thanks to super-badass reader Rocky, we can now cast our very own Deep South Simpsons. Early favorites are Tennessee, UK and of course my contribution with his hot new "got nick?" tee.

click to enlarge

Posting is gonna be damn near non-existent for the next week. Sorry, but we've got a pretty strong excuse. DeepSouthSports is getting married this weekend (I know, I know...I'm not earning any "Man Points"). DeepSouthSports will then be honeymooning in Jamaica.

Consider it the calm before the college football storm.

In the mean time, enjoy some of my fellow bloggers to the right and think fondly of me. I'll be sitting on some far away beach... drinking a "Dirty Banana" and pouring one out for my bachelorhood.


  1. The Gator fan should have on jean shorts for that line up to be realistic. Also, the UGA fan should be in red pants and New Balance running shoes.

  2. This is unacceptable. What am I supposed to print out and read in the bathroom every morning, now?

    On a side note, I worked with a guy from Florida a few years a go. He was a Gator alum. We were talking about the SEC, and after I told him I was an Auburn alum, he laughed and said, "When Auburn was in town we could always tell who the Auburn students were b/c the guys all had on those extremely short Patagonia shorts, and their sunglasses wrapped around their necks." So true! I'm proud to say that I was against the norm. You're my age, so you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

  3. Hey Eazy, have fun in Jamaica. For you to pass the time on the flight I've come up with a topic for you to ponder and then comment on apon your return. The topic: Bammers are lined up at SEC Media Days during the work week during work hours hoping to catch a glimpse of little Nicky. They appear to be the same desperate bunch found on the tarmac (sans Alana Connell)a few months earlier, again on a work day during work hours. My question: Don't these turds work???

  4. congrats! have a good honeymoon mon

  5. Thanks, Thanks. Checking in from Jamaica. It outstanding.

    Just say NO to being a drug mule.

  6. Hey Eazy,

    Drink one for the DADS. We'll let you know how the Simpson's movie comes out.