Wednesday, July 11

Dave Rowe Out... Another Dave In

This is the day I have been hoping for, but suddenly... why do I feel so empty inside?

Was Dave Rowe fired? Did he go "Bigman on Bigman" on some suit's ass? The JP/Lincoln viewers demand some effin' answers!


Dave Archer, the former Falcons quarterback and the team's radio color analyst for the past three seasons, added a new chapter to his broadcast resume Tuesday when he was named as the analyst on Lincoln Financial's SEC Game of the Week.

Archer, the Falcons' quarterback from 1984-87, replaces former NFL great Dave Rowe. Archer will team up in the booth with Dave Neal for each week's 12:30 p.m. game.

WTF?! Allegedly, this new Dave is a real professional. Where's the fun in that? Since when does Jefferson Pilot care about professionalism? Who am I gonna laugh at when Florida is raping Kentucky?

Yes, it's true. I will miss the all the "Bigman on Bigman" talk...the cute little way he f'ed up everyone's name...the way he stated the obvious and always seemed to work in stories about how things were when he played ball.

Case in point: He made me laugh, he made me cry and he made me cringe. He was a mess, but he was my mess. Now...LFS just tossed him out on his Big man ass like he was yesterday's garbage.

Here's to you, Dave Rowe. Best of luck...

There will never be another three Daves like the original Daves

More on this developing story as it develops

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  1. He was not fired. He suffered complications from surgery and spent almost a month in the hospital. After a routine surgery he developed a staph infection. He decided to retire due to his health!