Monday, July 9

I Wonder Why This Jacket's on "Super Clearance"

Why the hell would you not pay 275 bones for this sweet ass jacket? In case your family, friends and co-workers were wondering, wear this tri-tone leather jacket with pride and let everyone know that you are indeed a complete whitetrash, douchebag stud.

S**t, it's even on "Super Clearance" for some crazy assed reason. $191.20 Are you 'effin me?!? I'll take three.

Now, whenever some dummy Aubarn fan starts talking smack about "The Thumb" or "5 in a row," no need to ask them if they "Got Twelve?" Now you can just point at the back of your new leather National Champions jacket and walk away.

Score One For The Tide!


  1. Bama fans are banking on Saban winning a national title next year so they're waiting for a newer model...

  2. Touche. Even so, I'm not sure they're gonna be able to fit anything more on that turd. Might have to make matching leather pants.

  3. I'm surprised it's not a Member's Only jacket, since those were in style the last time those delusional morons were significant anywhere but in their own minds. Bama is the Lichtenstein of the college football universe.

  4. It's on super clearance because it's a misprint. Then again, most Bama fans fail to remember that their media guide in '92 listed only six.