Wednesday, July 11

Late To the Kige Party

This guy is a youtube badass. Basically, Kige just tells it like it is and lets the chips fall where they may. Sports is Kige's passion, but sometimes he lends his keen intellect to other important matters; such as politics and the I-phone.

Don't be alarmed by this recent Kige Classic. I'm sure he's not really fluffing himself at the Wal-Marks.

Kige's Extensive Youtube Sports Archives
The Kige Interview


  1. thank you for helping me find my new hero.

    also, what the hell is a kige?

  2. Not quite sure, jag. However, I just submitted what the definition should be to Not so fast though - It's under review. Hope it makes it. (doubtful)

  3. Nice find! I don't think he's fluffing himself. Check out the following clip (which is the only other one I've been able to watch). I bet he's doing the same thing with his hands in the sto'. I guess he has trouble doing so without his whole body spazzing.

  4. I knew he wasn't fluffing. He's too much of a pro for that kind of thing. Quite frankly, Stephen A. Smith could learn a lot from a guy like Kige.