Saturday, July 21

Saban's Little Cabin on the Lake

While Nick Saban's players are back in Tuscaloosa assaulting police officers and breaking squad car windows, he's blowing off some steam far, far away from "icky Tuscaloosa." Maybe he's vacationing at his cabin on rugged North Georgia's Lake Burton.

Yes, with his new job, Saban is finally able to afford something special for the wife and kids. A no frills little place in the woods where he and Terry can get some much needed "R & R." Away from South Beach, away from Mal Moore, away from Alana Colette Connell and her tailer park ilk.

No, he didn't follow the Mountain Brook crowd to Lake Martin or the sidewalk bama crowd to Logan-Martin. Nick Saban is just a good ole boy from West Virgina. He doesn't have time for that shit.

He's not worried about ego, status or keeping us with the Scrushies. Saban's all about getting back to the basics. He may be a little fella, but surely he's not compensating for anything...

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Hat Tip: Gordo


  1. What's really amazing is that Charlie Chaplin's tailor is still alive and able to work.

  2. Saban's got the lower body of a 9 year old dwarf boy. That's right, I said it.