Monday, July 9

Monday, Douchey Monday

Back from the Bachelor party and feeling fine. There's nothing that a sausage-fest in the mountains can't cure: A few dozen beers, trout and Deliverance jokes (do they ever get old? No). Now back to business...

As Orson alluded, this clip (HT: TheSportingOrange) should spread through the College Football Blogosphere like Paris Hilton Approved VD. It's no Diamonds from Glasgow (get out of their effin' way!), but it's got teeth. Teeth like say...vintage DC Talk. If you went to a private, caucasiancentric, churchy high school like mine, you can certainly relate to this esteemed level of turdulence.

I present to you Eastside Catholic High School - Seattle, WA (Cobain would be proud):

Catholic School ROOOOOOOCKS!

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  1. the Diamonds from Glasgow would mop the floor with these kids.