Tuesday, August 8

Speaking ill of the Dead...

R.I.P., J.P.

CBS Sportsline's Clay Travis brings us his spot-on eulogy of Jefferson Pilot Sports.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Even so, I might have given the godfather of southern football frustration, Dave Rowe, a little more attention.

Clay bids farewell to a high water mark in flaming turdery. A weekly event so detestable that it shook the mettle of even the strongest fan/drunk. The 11:30 AM kickoff.

A torturous game that caused students and alumni alike to squint and curse in the merciless mid-day sun as they endured remnants of friday night's murderous hangover.

However, JP will be missed.

Yes, the disheveled, alcoholic uncle of SEC broadcasts did serve a greater purpose. It brought us more Deep South College Football. And that, my friend, can't be a bad thing. No matter how many Daves they shuffle in front of the camera.

CBS Sportsline: ClayNation

"Well Dave, as Dave has said, Kentucky is going to need to score points to beat Vanderbilt today."

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