Thursday, August 24

BlogPoll - The Coaches Poll, Without All Those Ignorant Coaches

DeepSouthSports Joins in on The Vote

Yes, it's finally here. My first stab at the nearly world famous college football poll brought to us by mgoblog.

I'm still a proponent of "watch and wait", but on the other hand, who doesn't like to speculate about College Football? If you don't, then maybe you should go check out some mindless celebrity gossip, you freak.

Why Blogpoll? Cause the coaches don't watch the damn games, I watch the damn games!

Here's the National Week 1 Preseason BlogPoll

And now, a preview of my week 2 poll (read: miseducated guess):

1- Ohio State
2- Auburn
3- Texas
4- Southern Cal
5- Notre Dame
6- Florida
7- Louisville
8- Louisiana State
9- Florida State
10- Miami (Florida)
11- West Virginia
12- Michigan
13- Virginia Tech
14- Georgia
15- Cal
16- Iowa
17- Penn State
18- Oregon
19- Tennessee
20- Clemson
21- Texas Tech
22- Nebraska
23- Arkansas
24- TCU
25- Arizona State

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