Thursday, August 3

A Night of Nights

Move Over Days of Thunder, It's Talladega Nights, Baby!

If you been on another planet, or you just haven't been reading this blog since February (more likely), then you don't even know how pumped we here at DeepSouthSports (me) are about The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby. That's right, it's opening night. And...What? What's that? Is that Oscar I hear?

Well, the plot could be about as thick as an Olson twin, but we're still gonna soak up every tidbit of Will Ferrell's inexplicably humorous shtick.

So what if his kids are named Walker and Texas Ranger. So what if Chuck Norris is so very six months ago. Movies take a long time to produce. It is, however, still cool to have a "Red Hot Smokin' Wife." That, I'm sure of. That, my friend, will never go the way of the mullet.

This is the role Will Ferrell was born to play. Ok, Ricky Bobby as well as Chas from Wedding Crashers, but it's a close call. All I'm sayin' is, call up you old college/trade school buddies, drink a few Nattys/Beast/PBR to get you in the mood and belly up to some of the best Deep South Stereotypes this side of Forrest Gump.

Check here for reviews, which are actually a hell of alot better than those handed out to contemporaries like Miami Vice and Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh, and don't worry about the handful of negative reviews. Those are most likely written by bleeding-heart, yankee nerds that still think Woody Allen is the gold standard of comedy.

In closing, i'd like to say that if you don't like this instant classic...then clearly...clearly you don't like to feel good.


  1. i saw it last night, and it was very, very funny. Two beers up.


  2. "I'm jacked up on Mountain Dew!!"

    Very funny movie... well worth the $7

  3. 47 Mil., and #2 biggest opening for an original comedy eva.

    I'd have to say that's... quite strong.

    I will weigh in on Thurday after my long delayed viewing.

  4. What a letdown. I guess it had to be with all the hype, but the movie was just very stupid. The funniest parts were the trailers, and they weren't even as funny in the context of the movie. Total letdown. Wedding Crashers still holds the title.

  5. Seen it. Loved it. Don't know what's wrong with you.

    It's a buy.

    "Looks as if Gerard is now sitting on the poll, which is a statement of fact and in no way connected to his sexual preference"


    The ending kinda threw me a little bit. Not that there's anything wrong with that.