Wednesday, August 2

Schaeffer In Oxford and On Time

Brent Schaeffer arrived on campus, at Ole Miss, late last night, and it wasn't a minute too soon. Players are set to report today. Talk about coming down to the wire!

I have never witnessed drama like this surrounding a recruit before. It might have had to do with the fact that Orgeron named Brent the starter in February, and we have just learned today that he is cleared to play. This from Rebelsports:
"While there is still the question how quickly Schaeffer can get acclimated to Dan Werner's offense the bigger puzzle piece has been solved. Schaeffer was admitted to the University Wednesday and will be good to go when the Rebels open practice on Saturday."
The NCAA, SEC, Ole Miss and College of the Sequoias have had the Five Star QB jumping through more hoops than a circus pet.

Ole Miss fans, don't relax just yet. Now, academic rumors abound concerning The Rebs' other Five star recruit, Jerrell Powe. Damn that Rumor Mill!

Hey, at least Ole Miss players/coaches aren't getting arrested in record numbers much like last off-season!

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