Friday, August 11

Top SEC Wives: Honorable Mention

Suzanne Tuberville

What was I thinking?

In this state, you can't talk about one school without giving some sort of props to the other (ask the "BammerHam News"). You certainly cannot write a post praising Bama (and their smokehouse first lady) without giving at least an honorable mention to the Auburn camp.

So, Auburn...You gotta ask yourself "Why?"

Why are you being left out in the cold yet again? Why are you wasting away as "Others Receiving Votes?"


If I can't find Suzie (on google), then I can't hook her up in the rankings!

Yeah...I'll admit it, Suzanne fans. You've got a case. A strong case.

But like an undefeated team from the SunBelt, she's flyin' under the radar.

You gotta get Suzanne out there (Shari is all over the place). Take some quality pics and what not...

You know, get a few glamour shots done up. Don't be skeerd.

In this industry, it's all about the headshot.

If that picture up top is the best I could find (which it is), then Auburn University is in worse shape than I thought.

Forget about Academic fraud, accreditation and Linebackers Gone Wild.

We need to get back to the basics, people.

Those nerds over at S.A.C.S. don't care about the Top SEC Wives, but I do.

Here's the only other Suzanne pictorial I could find. It's from the Media Guide (Page 3) which means PDF, which means Adobe Acrobat (read: Satan's Format).

Erik's Final Thoughts:

Let this be a lesson to you Auburn. Come strong, or don't come at all.

On the bright side: At least you didn't get a "Certificate of Participation" like LSU, Arkansas, Vandy, Kentucky, Miss. State and Tennessee.

Oh, and There's Always "The People's Championship."

Glamour Shots - The DeepSouth's Finest Portraits since 1983 (Not Suzie Tuberville)


  1. how about find a picture of john brady's wife. i think she takes hottest basketball wife hands down.

  2. Ok, you got a little cocky after Finebaum and this article is just trying a bit too hard. Come back down to earth and let it come to you.

  3. I try too Hard on every post. I just love it so much!

    Sorry anonymous, late-night Auburn fan. I know, I know. Modesty is the best policy.

  4. My God! The Auburn wives are fugly!