Sunday, August 13

Danke Shen

I really want to thank all of those who made this the best week ever for DeepSouthSports (A huge understatement).

I'll certainly work to live up to the hype this Football Season, and it should be one hell of a ride.

Thanks again to all the great readers/commenters, as well as the incredible sites/blogs that have hooked me up:

Paul Finebaum

If you enjoy quality sports commentary and beautifully styled 80s power ballads, definitely check these guys out.

And, if you're wondering what the hell I'm making such a stink about, gander at this graphical representation of my visits this past week...

The Green represents my hits, while the purple represents Phillip Fulmer's career

Back to life...Back to mediocrity! Now, I'd appreciate it if you all would start referring to me as Rob Van Winkle.

"This Blog Rocks, yo! Go Gators!"

At least I know the formula:

Beautiful Women + SEC Football + Steve Perry = HITS!

To say Thanks, I'll give you a clip from one of the greatest movies of my generation. I couldn't find the Danke Shen clip so you'll have to settle for Twist and Shout. And, don't try and read those subtitles...They'll only confuse you.

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