Tuesday, August 15

How Do the SEC's Mascots Stack Up?

Golden Tornado Weighs In with "The Only Analysis That Matters"

Nathan, over at Golden Tornado, has come off sabbatical with a vengeance to give us his long awaited SEC Mascot Analysis: Part One and EDIT: Part Two.

So far, so good, as the SEC has scored relatively high on Nathan's patented "Suck Factor Scale."

How do the other conferences rate?

The PAC 10
The Big 10
The Big 12
The Big East

What we now know about The SEC:

  • A new found respect for Pork
  • The Auburn War Eagles (As Dubbya put it) would be a lot cooler
  • We've got way to many Bulldogs and Tigers
Can't wait to see what Nathan says about Ole Miss and the mascot "issues." Not that there's anything wrong with that...

From left: "Whoops, I Dropped the Soap Reb" and "Gay Pride, Personal Trainer Reb"

I think we know now know why these options were resoundingly rejected.

Hell, I guess they're better than LSU's new, more original mascot. You be the judge...

Polly Prissy Pants says "Geaux Bengal Tigerssss!"


  1. Does no one want to mention how Auburn has two mascots?

    War Damn Eagle

  2. can any SEC football fan spell "COMMODORE?"

  3. Actually, Chuckwagon, The Auburn website says that the "War Eagle" is not a mascot...Surprised you didn't know that...