Wednesday, August 16

Is Phil Fulmer About to Get Munsoned?

It seems The DeepSouthSports' Most Hated Coach in the SEC, Phil Fulmer may end up getting munsoned sooner, rather than later. seems to believe that we can put a fork in Phil, he's done.

But wait!

Phil's 6 Division Titles, 2 SEC Championships and 1 BCS Championship should keep his corpulent noggin off the chopping block for a few seasons...Right?

Fat chance, Phil.

No, the fans and media have increasingly short memories, and it seems you're only as good as last season's record (5-6).

When you're down and out, you really find out who you're friends are, and I think it goes without saying that NCAA Chairman Myles Brand will not be receiving his holiday Tennessee Pride Sausage platter from this jolly ole football coach.

Screw it...More for Phil and the girls.

NCAA, you do not want to piss off the sausage boy!

HT: Thanks, Rob

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  1. is "fat chance Phil" his new nickname? I like Phil "Pillsbury" Fulmer as a nickname. still waiting for a photo spread on his wife - plate of sausages was close?
    But is he secretly in an S-M bondage relationship with Pat "Head" Summit, in which she admonishes him to "squeal like Ned Beatty?"