Thursday, August 17

I've Got A Fever... And The Only Prescription Is More Finebaum!

The Paul Finebaum Interview

Sports Illustrated has named it one of the nation'’s top 12 radio shows of its kind. The Nashville Tennessean has labeled Finebaum the fourth most-influential powerbroker in Southeastern Conference sports.
So what the hell is he doing calling me (Erik from Homewood)?

I guess he had some time to kill between mental giants like Phyllis from Mulga and Shane from Centerpoint. It is a five hour show.

Here's the file on Mr. Paul Finebaum - Bio - Website - Wikipedia - EDSBS Interview

And Now... Paul and Erik tackle...

The Top 5 Wives of the SEC - The Interview (windows media) -
The Source Article

This is a preemptive "So Sorry" to Kim and Dennis Franchione

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