Thursday, August 31

Hotty Toddy, Old School Style

Vince Vaughn Is Cool

Is it a sign? Is Ole Miss about to go "Old School" on the SEC? A la 1960, Undefeated National Champs? Or, is Vince just a big fan of the best collection of beautiful women this side of America's Next Top Model. Either way, it makes me smile.

Rumor has it that Vaughn could have received this tee from ex-girlfriend and current Oxford resident, Joey Lauren-Adams. Or, Ole Miss could have given it to him for his recent, second half "Hotty Toddy" intro.

Either way, he looks strangely like an aging/disheveled Ole Miss student after a hard fought football Saturday.

Who am I kidding? An Ole Miss man would never leave the house without at least some sort of collared attire.

None the less, it's great to see a Celeb that has his head on straight.

Other than Will Ferrell, is there any cooler guy to share a beer with?

Hotty Toddy, indeed.

By the way, who would you rather have supporting your team? Vince Vaughn...or this turd muffin...

He's really excited about the Buckeyes upcoming season!

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