Wednesday, November 21

Bama Fan of the Week

Iron Bowl Edition

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Tons of Fun is back! This portly attention whore is still keepin' it real in '07 with his transitions lenses. The real story here is who gets the pleasure of painting this stud every week? I bet he has to beat the lusty sororstitutes off with stick.

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Whoops! Missed a spot just below the saddle bags. Also, it looks like somebody did a pretty poor job with the lower back/upper ass, deciduous, vomit-on-my-monitor region. Somebody get this specimin a "Mike Shula Never lost to The Sun Belt" tee shirt, stat!

Edit: In the interest of a fair and balanced blog, I welcome any Auburn fan pics that can top the above turdulence.

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  1. I'm just ready to see the "Don't be a Nick Sucker" shirts this weekend.