Thursday, November 29

Tebow a Crocs Man

Damn, I can't really say anything because I own a pair (for strict "around the house" use). I love those bastards, and I don't care if they're ugly. If you had an ugly kid who turned out to be super nice, wouldn't you at least be seen with him around the house or occasionally in the yard? You're damn right, asshole. Who are you to judge?


  1. nice try bro, but you have to love your don't have to love crocs. deep south erik and tim tebow...two peas in a soft, cushiony, no doubt obnoxiously colored pod.

  2. Mine are Army green, Dorsey. So Yeah, I guess that is an obnoxious color if you hate freedom.

    Here's The Ultimate Southern Crocs

  3. clearly i hate freedom.

    my nieces however, who are being raised in tuscaloosa, like to sport these.

  4. I'm indifferent to crocs. I do have a friend who wears black crocs for all of his dressy occasions...... we don't hang out anymore if you were wondering.